In the Beginning

I have begun training for my September 2012 triathlon! My proper schedule will begin next Monday January 9, 2012, and I’ll post the complete schedule soon. I’ll update numerical training results with brief comments on my Training Log page as I complete workouts. I’ll also be posting more contemplative thoughts on my progress and training once or twice a week. Bear with me through my first posts – not only have I never completed a triathlon before, but I’ve never had a blog, so I’m also at the beginning of my social media training (I’m finding it difficult to write with contractions, but I’m making an effort and am sure this will come). To return to the triathlon training: thus far, since Christmas, I’ve just been doing some relatively unstructured running and swimming to get back into the swing of things. But I’m looking forward to the rigour of the schedule – I love schedules!


About philosophersrun

Not actually a philosopher.
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