Off we go!

I’ve just posted my training schedule for the next 10 weeks on my Training Log page – as I explain there in more detail, I’ve decided first to do a 10-week programme aimed at building a strong aerobic base and bringing some rigour to my hitherto haphazard workouts. After those 10 weeks, I’ll reassess and build a training plan up until the race in September.

Tomorrow I begin with a swim, for the sole reason that I’ve really been enjoying the swimming I’ve been doing lately. Then comes the bike, then the run, a rotation I follow throughout the first 10 weeks. I have a sense of nervous anticipation as I start this, particularly about the bike (including whether mine will fall apart), but hopefully I’ll settle into the routine smoothly.

One thing I should mention as I get started is that I’m a vegetarian (lacto-ovo), which means that I’ll very probably be talking about vegetarian sport nutrition once in a while. Nutrition is of course important in any training plan (and in life in general: as is sleep, a fact which my wife and I have in vain been trying to explain for 11 months to our 11-month old). But, if anything, vegetarians are on the whole more accustomed than our meat-eating friends to paying close attention to their food choices. A tasty thought with which to leave you today – the most delicious and healthy meal a post-swim novice triathlete can hope to have: soba noodles, pan fried tofu, and kale all mixed together in an almond-butter sauce, served with a salad of red cabbage, grated carrot, and sesame oil.


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