My bike

Today I went for my first proper bike workout – an hour-long ride through the beautiful farmers’ fields just north of where we live. It was a warm morning and, gloriously, I had the sun shining on me for a good half of the ride (and I should point out that the sun has rarely made an appearance here in the past two months). As I describe in the training log, it was an okay workout, but I had a lot of problems with my bike. So I thought it might be good to say something about my bike in the blog itself.

I bought my bike when I arrived here with the intention of using it to commute the short three-kilometre trip into the office. It is rebuilt from an old frame and good enough for getting from one place to the next (all for a very cheap price), but I’ve had a lot of problems with it. The seat constantly comes loose and the gears often change spontaneously, slip, or won’t change at all. The bike is also obviously not meant for serious riding. Evidence of this fact is to be found in the photos above (which, after our tussle today, I think are actually quite flattering).

Today, I suffered all the usual problems, the moving saddle in particular causing discomfort, as well as extremely low air in the tires. At times this was comical: as I on one occasion drove past a farmer, I waved good morning, hit a pothole, my gear slipped, then my timer paused for no reason on my GPS, which required me to take it out of the inside pocket of my jacket and adjust it on the go (it goes without saying that I have no proper mount for this) – with my jacket partially open and me sitting up straight, the wind took the opportunity to turn my upper body into a sail, the very antithesis of aerodynamic positioning! I looked like I was conducting some kind of misguided science experiment on wind resistance, and can only imagine what the farmer thought.

By the time I reached home, as much as I enjoyed the ride, I realized that my relationship with this bike, on the ropes for some time now, was due for an imminent conclusion. I don’t need anything fancy, but, if I’m really going to enjoy my cycling for the next six months, I do need a basic road-bike with a stable seat and properly functioning gears. Je suis donc à la recherche! Tomorrow I’m back to my trusty feet in the run.


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