Back on Speaking Terms

Well, my old bike and I are back on speaking terms. At least, we’ve agreed to break up amicably. This is, I suspect, principally the result of two things: 1) I rode my bike yesterday to a bike-shop and spent time inside looking at bright, new, substantially lighter, and undoubtedly sexier Rennräder, all the while leaving my current bike unlocked outside (in a small town about 7k outside of where I live)—this undoubtedly brought home the fact that the bad language I used on Tuesday was no mere trifle. 2) I treated the old guy tenderly, with a wistful nostalgia of better times even, by getting the tires pumped up properly for the first time in months.

The result of the second action was a full 31 seconds off my average pace per kilometre, giving a much more respectable (but of course still very far from good) 26k in about 61 minutes on my ride today. So, that is my training tip of the day for all those triathletes out there voraciously reading this blog (both beginning and professional): do not cycle with flat tires, as this will drastically reduce your speed.

On the bike front, I had a great visit to a superb bike shop in my area (mentioned above), about which I’ll say more in a subsequent post. I also have some leads on some respectable second-hand road bikes for reasonable prices. I’m hoping to come to some conclusions regarding this by the end of this week.

Off of the bike front, I learned today that I officially have two regular readers of my blog: two friends here in Germany who have recently had a new baby boy (a Christmas present – what more could two people ask for!). Now, as a novice blogger, it’s of course incredibly exciting to have two confirmed readers. This fact also, however, brings with it a certain pressure – especially as these two readers are getting very little sleep, or at least very few consecutive hours of sleep: they could be reading the blog at any time of day. So, I will endeavour to make regular and interesting posts. But I would like to say up front there should be no expectations of posts at 4:00 a.m. GMT+1.


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2 Responses to Back on Speaking Terms

  1. Judy Shirtliff says:

    Good on you, Andrew! When is the race happening? It sounds like you are enjoying your training. I will try to keep up with you, though I think you probably will be way ahead.

    • Hi Judy, great to hear from you. I’m going to do one race in September in Ontario, once we’re back in Canada, but I’m planning to do a couple here in Germany before coming back. I hope that all is well with you in Portage!

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