One Week Done

This is a day to mark for several reasons. First, for the second day running (pun absolutely intended), the sun shone from dawn to dusk (a less admirable feat, admittedly, in the reduced winter hours, but I’m still giving the sun credit). Second, my daughter officially reached the eleventh-month mark. She is now pulling herself up to standing on furniture, opening the kitchen cupboard and pulling out bowls, and pointing repeatedly at objects around the room until we name them — much laughing and frivolity ensues. And third, I completed the first full week of my base training. It’s been a good week overall. I’m certainly sleeping well at night, but I haven’t felt too tired or worn down at any point — if anything, I actually have more energy. The week has given me confidence that my body will settle in to this and get back in good shape. Even more importantly, the week’s given me confidence that I’m going to enjoy this.

As I detail in the training log, I had a small twinge in my left knee today on the run, which I’m going to monitor closely. It doesn’t seem to be a major problem, but I don’t want any injuries, especially early on. This may require some minor tweaks to the training schedule this coming week, but we’ll see how things feel on the run Wednesday. Tomorrow morning I’m hoping to finish up editing an article I’ve been working on (on speech and the gods), and then in the afternoon I’ll be back in the pool.


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