Another Week

This has been a fun second week of training. I’ve continued to enjoy all of my workouts and feel that I’ve been making progress in all three disciplines, if not always drastically with times, with technique and comfort in my routines. The addition of my new bike required a lot of extra running around, but has been a big boost to my enjoyment out on the roads and my performance.

One disappointment with my training this week has been some continued difficulty with my left knee. Due to a bit of tenderness on the outside of the knee last Sunday, this past Wednesday I did 50 minutes of deep water running (DWR) instead of heading outside – this was an interesting experiment, which provides a good low-impact workout. Today, I didn’t really have any problems with the knee on the run itself, nor immediately afterward. Oddly, however, after the run I went to a brunch and, after sitting and chatting with friends for about a half hour, I could feel the same tenderness as last week on the outside of the left knee. I can’t figure out what would not hurt during or immediately after a run, but would hurt an hour afterward with the addition of some sitting. I would welcome any suggestions from readers.

As things stand, I’m just going to follow a routine of icing and elevating when relaxing, stretching well, and taking things cautiously with running. I think I’ll be back in the pool on Wednesday for some more DWR, combined this time with some swimming.

I thought I might say something quickly this week about nutrition. Since starting this training routine, I have without doubt been eating a lot more than I averaged in the past few months. KT, NP and I start off our mornings (early mornings, that is, due to the waking fancies of NP) each day with a big bowl of rolled oats, müsli and yoghurt/milk, lots of water, and sometimes an egg (and coffee—after the workout if I’m training early). I’ve been snacking regularly on nuts, apples, bananas, and bread with peanut butter and/or jam, and I’m very conscious to keep my water intake steady throughout the day.

For lunch, I usually have a big bowl of couscous with vegetables, or a large rice and vegetable dish, or falafel. My protein comes through dairy, eggs, legumes, and nuts and I’m reasonably good about maintaining good amounts of these in my diet (hard-boiled eggs are a favourite for me when pressed for time). As for dinner, KT has been heroic in doing most of the meal planning and cooking–and she’s an incredible cook (a trait inherited from her mother, and honed to her own liking). As anyone who has done it knows, meal-planning for two adults and a baby sucks, so I owe her big time for doing this (I’ve been doing most of the shopping, but let’s face it, that is by far the easy end of the stick). Tonight, we had udon (noodles), broccoli, and tofu in a peanut-butter sauce, as pictured at the top of this post. My taste-buds are still tingling pleasantly, and not just because of the hot sauce.

Thus far, I’ve felt adequately sustained by the food I’ve been taking in. I could be more clinical about this, and might be in future, but for the time being, I’m going to keep eating based on my instincts and past habits. A book I have found very helpful in the past is Vegetarian Sports Nutrition.


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2 Responses to Another Week

  1. Beth Timmers says:

    I miss oatmeal and museli mornings! Also – I think Rory’s cooking skills deserve some props, too. Gourmet dinners and snack lunch?

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