Out on the Roads

This afternoon I headed out for the longest of the bike sessions I’ve done so far. The weather hasn’t been great here for the past couple of days, so the roads were a bit wet and muddy. I did, however, avoid actually being out in the rain and the wind was down from Saturday. And as a Canadian who lives normally in the east of that fine country, I really shouldn’t complain at all about a bit of rain in January – I wouldn’t be out on the roads at all at home at this time. That said, I will nonetheless take the liberty to complain, with an adopted southern-German mindset about appropriate weather. The rainbow pictured above didn’t appear today, but I sometimes look at this photo taken by KT last autumn to remind myself that the sun does occasionally appear in this city (to be fair, it appears a lot in the summer). I’m really looking forward to the early northern-European spring in February!

As I detail in the training log, I felt overall that it was a good ride, especially as this is the first time I’ve ever done the 40km distance (and beyond). One problem today was that my feet were freezing at the end of the ride – it would have been very difficult to run immediately afterward—on this front, I’m looking forward to my cycling shoes arriving (and to that early spring mentioned above!). I also again had a few very slow sections due to traffic. One spectacularly bad display of driving required me actually to stop and wait for a car to stop blocking the road – at which point I swore vociferously in Greek, confusing the nearby German amblers. These longer cycles are great, but they eat up a lot of time on a week-day: as they get longer, I may need to switch the longer rides to Saturday. But boy is the bike addictive.

Thus far my route on the bike has been picturesque (including beautiful expanses of field and hills in the distance), but flat and generally boring (given that it’s a loop). I’ve been keeping off of higher traffic roads as I get used to the new bike and with the weather, but I’m looking forward to branching out this coming weekend (depending on the weather). Once the season really gets going, I’m hoping to link up with the Poseidon group in Eppelheim, and with rides organized by other local groups, but for the moment I’m going to search out some routes of my own. In particular, I want to build in some hills – nothing crazy to start with, but enough to make my legs realize that hills aren’t just for background scenery.


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