New Shoes!

Today is my training rest day and I worked from home, which made for a relaxed pace this morning. NP decided last night that she’d wake up at 10:30 and remain awake until 1:00 — an uncharacteristic move on her part, which we suspect is due to teething and the desire to stand up all the time (we’re quite certain that she would sleep standing up if this were possible). On the plus side, we all then slept a solid six hours, which made me feel refreshed (KT wouldn’t quite say she felt refreshed, but six solid hours is not bad at all in the realm of babies—at least, if anyone reading this has a baby under one-year old who regularly sleeps through the night, I simply don’t want to hear about it).

I heard yesterday that my cycling shoes were in, and so I took a quick trip out to John’s Radhaus this morning to pick them up. They’re a perfect fit and based upon the ride home, they make cycling even more of a pleasure. Even though I’m on a road-bike, I bought mountain-biking shoes, as these have raised tread to allow me to walk easily off the bike, which will be great for longer training rides if I stop somewhere afterward with a group. I chose a lower-end Sidi model, not just because of price considerations, but also because I think the Velcro straps will be easier for quick changes in transitions in races (and the model I have is nonetheless stiff and fits well). A road- or tri-shoe would give greater stiffness, but these shoes make for an excellent first step for me (once again, pun absolutely intended).

I couldn’t resist riding with a bit of speed for sections of the 7k home from the shop, just to see how things felt (which I don’t feel really contravenes my day-of-rest philosophy). It’s an odd sensation at first to feel a pull up at the same time as pushing down with the other foot, but there is also an immediate feeling of greater efficiency. I suspect it will take me a few rides really to get used to technique with the shoes, but I fortunately had no problem today with mounting/dismounting the pedals with the clips, even during a few stops at lights in traffic. When I got back into the city I had one particularly annoying taxi driver lay on his horn for no apparent reason as he passed me (perhaps he objects in principle to cyclists on the road?), but I take solace in the fact that I sped by him two minutes later as he waited in a long queue of cars!


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