Big Day

The weekend has arrived. NP slept through the night for 11.5 hours continuously (making up for her previous night of wakefulness)! Having said just yesterday that, should anyone have a child under the age of one who sleeps through the night, I didn’t want to hear about it, I hope that those parents who did not sleep soundly last night will forgive me my public elation (and keep their hate-mail to a minimum). KT and I have each enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and are going to a Kinderflohmarkt (flea-market for children’s clothes) in Handschuhsheim a bit later in the morning – hopefully, what we find for NP will fit like a glove (yes, yes…pun on the name of the town intended!).  And the afternoon should be a pleasant one made up of a short hour on the bike and some reading. All in all, a good Saturday in my books (as you can see, I’m having a great pun morning).

As regards the title of the post, today isn’t really a big training day, and we have no particularly special events planned. I’ve already done my longer workouts for this week, and I’m looking forward today and tomorrow to having some shorter but high-intensity workouts leading into my recovery week: every fourth week, I decrease the distance of my workouts to give my body time to recover, before coming back to an increased schedule the week afterward. It’s a big day rather because I’m just plain feeling big today (not in a bad way), as per the photo above of me and NP in the morning. I suppose that I’m a relatively tall person at 190cm (6’2″), but rarely reflect on this. Standing next to NP like I am in this photo, however, makes me feel like a giant. As for NP’s pointing, I think she was trying to tell me that I needed to comb my hair.


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5 Responses to Big Day

  1. Meara says:

    Look at that intentional communication! Awesome! NP is developing delightfully. I wish I was there to document it (for my research, of course).

  2. Jon says:

    If NP isn’t telling you to comb your hair, she may be trying to show you her boogie. In case you hadn’t noticed, boogies are one of the most interesting and enjoyable things that a body produces. In other news BF took her first official step yesterday. We are officially screwed.

    • It’s clear that you have keen parental observational skills. A crotte de nez is always a possibility, as these are always interesting (natural clay really). Glad (for her: sorry for you) to hear about BF’s big step. Let’s just hope she doesn’t fall asleep while trying to do this!

  3. 42kim says:

    I choose to believe that people who say their babies sleep through the night LIE

    • I generally also believe that those who say their babies regularly sleep through the night are dirty, contemptible, mean-spirited liars. I only made the claim for one night, and I’ve already in fact received retribution for my boasting….since then Norah’s been up twice a night (and right now she’s trying to groan her way out of a nap).

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