Pool Noodles

NP loves noodles, and so do KT and I. The only difference between NP and us in this respect is that we have a higher success rate when it comes to getting the noodles in our mouths, which results in less sauce on the cheeks. NP is, so to speak, in noodle training, which works well for me given that I think noodles are great for my training.  Buckwheat or whole-wheat pasta is a particularly healthy source of carbohydrates. Tonight we had soba noodles with tofu in a peanut-butter sauce (a favourite I’ve mentioned before: we’ve eaten this a lot lately since KT made it for our friends who just had a baby—it’s normally a rare special treat for us, but lately I just can’t get enough). Also, we had braised Brussels sprouts (for anyone who claims not to like Brussels sprouts, first try them braised in a bit of vegetable stock—or cream for an extravagant treat–before you pass final judgement). The perfect dinner after a dip in the pool. NP had all of this except for the peanut butter, as she’s still a bit too young for that, and she actually LOVES the Brussels sprouts!

Today was the beginning of my reduced intensity week, which happens every fourth week to give my body time to recover and adjust properly to training. This essentially means that the times are shorter, but I’m still aiming for good solid workouts with consistent technique. As I mentioned in my training log, I had an unfortunate crash on my bike on Saturday, which really shook me up mentally and physically. Fortunately, everything seems okay apart from a few bruises and sore areas – my injuries could have been a lot worse and it was good that I was wearing a helmet (I can’t stress enough how important helmets are). My bike needs some repairs, but I should have this back a bit later in the week and I’ll swap my training days accordingly. It was good to be back in the pool today.

I’m a person who can get very stressed out about events (such as my crash on Saturday, but also more innocuous things). I play events back over in my head and think about all possible outcomes or different actions I might have taken. This analytical quality has advantages as an academic, but it can bring me a lot of stress at times. Oddly, however, most people usually think of me as a very relaxed person (those reading can correct me if I’m wrong), because I rarely show any stress—it’s only close family who usually know when I’m really stressed. KT has been fantastic (as always) in helping me to feel calmer since Saturday and generally being supportive of the things I’m doing in life. Sometimes I think it’s important to say out loud just how fantastic KT is, and so there you have it.


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4 Responses to Pool Noodles

  1. Meara says:

    Good to see I’m not the only one who thinks KT is the BESTEST.

  2. 42kim says:

    I am glad to see the soba noodle-peanut dish is becoming a post-birth tradition.I love brussel spouts roasted with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. What happened to you? Can you get arnica there to treat the bruises? I think traumeel is from there so you should go the the apotheteca (sp?) and get some.

    • Thanks for the advice on the medicament front–and yes, the soba noodle, peanuts and kale have now become an international birthing tradition (for which you deserve all the credit). My bruises are now healing nicely and I’m feeling much better. I’m fortunately quite a quick healer, although this did take the oomph out of me for a few days. I’ll keep the Arnica and Traumeel in mind for future bumps (of which there hopefully will be few).

  3. 42kim says:

    Oh and DUH! KT is super fab and you must be to have the good sense to marry her!
    Counting down the months…

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