New Wheel – Cool Ride

Today I went out to pick up my bike from John’s Radhaus. Following my crash last Saturday, the front wheel needed to be replaced. John took care of this (as pictured above) and gave the bike a good inspection, all in double-quick time. I was fortunate that, other than the front wheel, the bike seems to be in good shape, and I’m certainly glad to have it back. I rescheduled my rest day this week to Wednesday, with cycles today and tomorrow, as I didn’t have the bike at the beginning of the week. Normally I would not want two cycles in a row, but as this is my reduced fourth week for recovery, with both rides only 45 minutes, this is manageable. I could run tomorrow and cycle on Sunday, but I always like a Sunday run.

I was cautious getting back on the bike today and went for a relatively relaxed ride up around Edingen after picking up the bike from the shop. It was good to stretch my legs, but the ride (which had a pause midway to stop back into the shop to solve a glitch in my gear-shifting) was far from what I would consider a proper workout–acceptable, I suppose, given that this is my reduced week. It was also hard to enjoy being out there today, as it was very cold–around minus 11 Celsius and with a sharp wind. Despite numerous layers (including old corduroy trousers over my Lycra tucked into my socks–very fashionable!), I got cold after a while and had a lot of ice in my beard by the time I was finished. The cold may also have caused the glitch in the gear-shifting mentioned above. On the plus side, the cold front has brought with it beautiful sunshine and the roads are nice and dry. That said, they’re promising quite cold weather for the next week and I might look into doing some cycling workouts on an indoor stationary if things are too fresh. Spring will be here soon!


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One Response to New Wheel – Cool Ride

  1. Beth Timmers says:

    Reading this cooled my sunburn a little bit. Glad to hear the sun is shining there, and that you’re maintaining good fashion while training. You should bring out the hipster windbreaker in the Spring!

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