The Malakoff Race (Guest Post from BT in Penang)

BT = runner G6247 in the centre

Thanks to AF for having me on the blog, from my current home in Penang, Malaysia. As my (significantly more athletic) brother-in-law mentioned in earlier posts, I was present at the Double-Yolk Miracle of 2011 in Heidelberg, and decided to climb Mount Kinabalu in 2012. In preparation, I’ve been doing a lot of hiking around the island.  I’m lucky to have countless trails only a short bike ride away from my flat. But – I will save the hiking guest post for now, and talk about the race I participated in over the weekend.

As co-chair of my organization’s Sports and Recreation committee, I coerced a small team of colleagues to participate in Sunday’s Malakoff Race. Just like AF, this was my first organized run, and it was a blast. Penangites generally have great sense of community and truly get into the spirit of these events. We met at 6:15 am in Georgetown – running in the daytime here is impossible due to the heat. Some of the team (myself included) opted for the 7 km race, while others ran 17 km along the Northern coast of the island. Around 1300 people participated altogether. The race itself went better than I expected (my finishing time was just over 44 minutes); it’s amazing how motivating this type of event can be, and I am so thankful to have had an enthusiastic team for support. We finished at Georgetown’s Esplanade, enjoyed watermelon on the seaside, and snapped a team photo (see above at the top of the post). This was immediately followed by fresh croissants and coffee at siTigun bicycle cafe.

Next up is the D’nonce Penang International Hiking Challenge, a 9.5 km race up, down, and around Penang Hill toward the end of April. My legs are already cramping at the thought of my flight to Dhaka that same evening…


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2 Responses to The Malakoff Race (Guest Post from BT in Penang)

  1. 42kim says:

    Love the guest post! Congratulations on your first race BT. I love that you got watermelon at the end. Can you get calcium there? It would be a good idea to take some the night before you hike and then again before you get on the plane. It can help if you really are concerned about cramping.

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