I’m a 33-year-old academic (not a philosopher by trade, actually a philologist) living permanently in Canada. I’m currently in Germany with my family, due to a research fellowship, until the end of July 2012.

On Christmas Eve 2011, my wife (KT) started some Christmas cooking that required five eggs. Each of those five eggs in the six-egg carton contained a double yolk. This is not unknown, but still statistically remarkable. My wife’s sister (BT) was also with us for the holiday and the three of us decided that, should the final egg in the carton also contain a double yolk, we would complete a challenge that we’ve wanted to do but requires special effort: my wife promised to complete a 10k run, my sister-in-law pledged to climb the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago (Kinabalu), and I swore to complete an Olympic-distance triathlon. My daughter failed to make a commitment, but as she’s too young to speak yet, we decided to let her off the hook.

On Christmas day, my wife cracked open the sixth egg (to make delicious quinoa-feta balls) and out popped the sixth double yolk (!). So, I’m now registered for a triathlon in mid-September 2012 in Canada and have begun training. This is not a complete departure from previous habits for me: I run regularly and swam a lot as a child/adolescent. But the cycling is largely new (unless you count commuting and having lived in the Netherlands, where everyone can be called a cyclist), until this week I haven’t been in a pool to swim properly for four years, and I’ve never tried to put all three together over a total distance of 51.5k (1.5 swim, 40k bike, 10k run). That said, I’m enthusiastic about the project and am already enjoying the training!

On this blog you can follow my progress over the next 9 months, as well as my thoughts on the process. Exercise is also a time for me to be contemplative, as the body and the mind work together. The name of this site is inspired by the famous Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Walk) in Heidelberg, where I’ll be doing some of my training and thinking.


2 Responses to About

  1. Carrie says:

    Andrew, I think you will do great! (Go gentle on that knee). Best of luck. I look forward to following your journey.

    • Many thanks for your encouragement Carrie! I will be cautious with the knee. I’m going to race the Lakeside Olympic Tri in September, when we’re back in K-W. Between now and then I’m hoping to do a Sprint Tri and an Olympic Tri here in Germany.

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